RNFF Submission Guidelines

Welcome to Romance Novels for Feminists

If you are interested in submitting an advanced copy of your novel for reviewing consideration, please contact RNFF at romancenovelsforfeminists [at symbol] gmail.com.

• RNFF welcomes submissions from all subgenres of romance, including contemporary, historical, fantasy of all stripes, science fiction, young adult, new adult, and erotica.

• RNFF accepts self-published books, if they have been professionally edited and copyedited. Books submitted by publishers, whether independent, academic, or commercial, should also have been professionally edited and copyedited.

• RNFF reserves the right not to review any book submitted for consideration. The choice of whether or not to review a submitted book is at the discretion of RNFF.

• RNFF strives to review only books that in its opinion espouse and/or encourage feminist values. Books which strike RNFF as problematic in feminist terms may appear in Friday's posts, which focus on general topics related to romance and feminism, but will rarely appear in a Tuesday recommended book review.

• RNFF does not rate, grade, or star books; rating systems often shut down, rather than open up, conversations about the complexities of fiction.

• RNFF grants permission to authors, publishers, and designated agents to use RNFF reviews, in whole or in part, for purposes of publicity. Editing of RNFF reviews is not permitted.