Friday, September 23, 2016

Romance Diversity Bingo

My thanks to Willaful, of the A Willaful Woman blog, whose recent post alerted me to the latest book reading challenge in Romancelandia: the #DiverseRomanceBingo Reading Challenge. I've never participated in a romance reading bingo challenge before, but the goals of this one are right up my alley. As stated on the challenge's Goodreads page:

The aim of this group  is a reading challenge designed to diversity the romance stories we're reading. A BINGO card with various identities & relationships has been created in order to inspire readers to seek out books they might not normally. Be proactive in looking for books that are representative of the diverse people and relationships in our world.

I'll be playing/reading, and invite RNFF readers to join in, too.

If you're interested in playing along, or in following other players' progress and comments, or even in just grabbing yourself some great recommendations for diverse romance reading, consider joining the Goodreads group, which can be found here. Or follow the challenge at #DiverseRomanceBingo.

And here is the bingo card:

Over the course of my romance reading career, I know I've read at least one book from each box (and have featured reviews of many of them here on RNFF). But it might be a little more difficult to complete the whole card in only four months (the challenge ends at the end of December). I'm also curious to see how difficult (or not) it will be to find books that both fill the squares and have feminist themes or underlying ideologies.

Will be reporting back here in future posts...


  1. Not to be all self-promotional or anything, but since you enjoyed the first book of my Alpennia series (Daughter of Mystery), I'll just mention that the third book in that series (Mother of Souls) could tick off half a dozen of those boxes for you and is coming out in November.

  2. Would you be interested in a review copy? Drop me a note at if you'd like me to arrange something.

  3. Interesting there's no Native American box.