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  1. Re: Today's blog re. women and confidence: I am reminded of an article by Dr. Eleanor Saunders at Wellesley College's Stone Center (for Women's Studies): 'Feeling Like A Fraud'. She discusses women's propensity for 'writing off' achievements. Interestingly, she does not view this as completely antithetical to society's best interests, instead she posits that perhaps an innate capacity not to take ourselves too seriously is protective against a tendency towards a narcissistic society. Nonetheless, Dr. Saunders suggests that self-deprecation is not the cure for either individual or personal narcissism; accurate self-concept is.
    Jane Lesley

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  3. I was interested to read you discussing L'Engle's preoccupation with homosexuality. The New Yorker article on her gave me quite a different insight into her character. I'm pretty convinced that may have come about due to what I am guessing were her husband's affairs with men - I feel strongly he was a self-hating gay alcoholic gay man. He certainly did cheat on her and her children made it plain that her memoirs were fantasy and not reality.

  4. God isn't a religion.
    God's a relationship.
    -Jesus --->
    ☆ ☆
    Cya in Seventh-Heaven!!