Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Interviewing Loretta Chase

This coming weekend, I'll be attending the New England Chapter of RWA's annual conference in Burlington, Massachusetts. I'm looking forward to attending some fabulous workshops on topics both traditional and innovative, as well giving a workshop of my own on character and conflict development in romance. But the greatest pleasure conference has in store for me is a conversation session with Loretta Chase, author of the beloved Lord of Scoundrels and myriad other popular and critically acclaimed historical romances. Chase, a long-time member of NECRWA, is not a big fan of pontificating, and rarely gives public talks. But she loves to talk about romance, and kindly agreed to participate in a moderated Q & A session at this year's NECRWA conference.

And guess who gets to be the lucky moderator?

To that end, I've been rereading Chase's novels, and putting together a list of questions that I'm curious to hear her thoughts about. Would you like to contribute?

If you had the chance, what would you ask Loretta Chase?


  1. I would be curious to know if she has ever considered writing in another romance subgenre or another genre altogether.

  2. Does she have a favorite book of hers? What inspired her to write in the first place, and what's her process like (which comes first, plot or characters? is she an outliner or a pantser?) What books/authors does she particularly like or was inspired by?

    It's funny; my favorite books of hers are not the ones everyone else seems to love best. The marriages in Lord of Scoundrels and Mr. Impossible strike me as unequal and unlikely to be happy in the long run.