Friday, January 10, 2014

Sick Day

When I was still in school (not so long ago, given my many years of graduate work), my body would often wait until vacation hit to fall sick. This year, though, it waited until the very last day of my family's winter break to fall victim to the latest winter virus making the rounds. So RNFF takes a sick day, talk amongst yourselves about your favorite romance heroines who struggle with illness or its aftermath....

Courtesy of xkcd


  1. Hope you'll recover soon.
    Sorry, I'd like to say something about a sick heroine, but now I don't remember anyone. The heroes are the ones that tend to be sick or shot or wounded, in order for the heroine to take care of her... A typical female role. But if I remember any red-nosed heroine or a stomach virus or anything, I will write it here.

    1. Hi. Can you kindly name some books with sick heroes? I just can't resist a sick hero.

  2. Midsummer Moon (Laura Kinsale). But might be spoilery to mention what/how? Have most people read it? And Georgette Heyer's Lady of Quality gets the flu. Also, Mary in Devil's Cub gets seasick and it's notable how matter-of-factly Vidal deals with it. (It's one of his good traits.)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Just finished Laura Kinsale's Prince of Midnight and the heroine is sick for the first part of the book. What is it with Kinsale and sick people? I think someone is seriously ill or injured in every book of hers I've read (which is like, three, so granted not exactly a huge sample). And it's a pretty major plot point too, not just a way to get the hero and heroine inappropriately in the same room together.

    - Elisabeth