Friday, October 27, 2017

Five Years of Feminist Romance on RNFF

This Saturday, at the Boston Book Festival, author Aya de León and I are going to be on a panel together, speaking about "The Hows and Whys of Feminist Romance." Knowing that people in the audience might ask for book recommendations, I began browsing through the reviews I've written here on RNFF, only to realize that I totally missed the fifth anniversary of the blog! In celebration of that anniversary, I've put together a list of the more than 225 books that have been reviewed on RNFF over the past five years, either in stand-alone or group reviews, or in the RNFF "Best of 2012-2016" lists. You can either download this complete list as a handy pdf file here; or you can browse the list below, which includes links back to the reviews of each book if you want more information before you decide whether or not a book might be for you.

Happy reading!

Adams,Noelle. Late Fall (Contemporary)
Alexander, Kianna; Alyssa Cole; Lena Hart; Piper Huguley. The Brightest Day: A Juneteenth Historical Romance Anthology (Historical)
Ames, Lynn. All That Lies Within (Contemporary; Queer)
Ames, Solace. The Submission Gift (Contemporary; BDSM)
Anders, Adriana et al. Rogue Desire: A Romance Anthology (Contemporary)
Andrews, Ilona. Hidden Legacy series (Fantasy)
_____. Steel’s Edge and other books in the Edge Chronicles (Fantasy)
Austin, Lori. Beauty and the Bounty Hunter (Historical)
Balogh, Mary. Longing (Historical)
_____. A Summer to Remember (Historical)
Barry, Emma. Party Lines (Contemporary)
_____. Private Politics (Contemporary)
Barry, Emma and Genevieve Turner. Earth Bound (Historical)
Beecroft, Alex. Blessed Isle (Historical)
_____. Blue-Eyed Stranger (Contemporary)
_____. Lioness of Cygnus Five (Science Fiction)
Bell, Serena. Getting Inside (Contemporary)
Belleau, Heloise and Solace Ames, The Dom Project (Contemporary; BDSM)
Belldene, Amber. Not a Mistake (Contemporary)
_____. Not Another Rock Star (Contemporary)
Bennett, Jenn. Grim Shadows (Fantasy)
Berry, Julie. All the Truth That’s in Me (Fantasy)
Bowen, Sarina. Keepsake (Contemporary)
_____. Rookie Move (Contemporary)
_____. The Shameless Hour (New Adult)
_____. The Understatement of the Year (New Adult)
Bramhall, Andrea. CleanSlate (Romantic Suspense; Queer)
Brockmann, Suzanne. Do or Die (Romantic Suspense)
Brook, Meljean. The Kraken King (Fantasy)
_____. Riveted (Fantasy)
Brooks, Rebecca. Above All (Contemporary)
Brown, Lorelie. Far from Home (Contemporary; Queer)
Buchman, M. L. I Own the Dawn and other books in the Nightstalkers series (Contemporary; Military)
_____. Full Blaze and other novels in the Firehawks series (Contemporary; Action)
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Shards of Honor (Fantasy)
Burgis, Stephanie. Snowspelled (Historical Fantasy)
Burkhart, Joely Sue. The Billionaire Submissive (Erotica; BDSM)
Burrowes, Grace. The Captive (Historical)
Calhoun, Anne. Jaded (Contemporary)
_____. The Muse (Erotic)
_____. Uncommon Passion (Erotic)
_____. Unforgiven (Contemporary)
Callihan, Kristen. Shadowdance (Fantasy)
Carey, Jacqueline. Kushiel’sDart (Fantasy; BDSM)
Carriger, Gail. Parasol Protectorate series (Fantasy)
Cashore, Kristen. Bitterblue (Fantasy)
Chase, Loretta. Dukes Prefer Blondes (Historical)
Charles, K. J. A Gentleman’s Position (Historical; Queer)
Chris, Tanya. My Guys (Contemporary)
Clark, Shelley Ann. Have Mercy (Contemporary) 
Clark, Sonya. Good Time Bad Boy (Contemporary)
Cosway, L. H. Painted Faces (Contemporary; Queer)
Cousins, Amy Jo. Off Campus series (Contemporary; Queer)
Cole, Alyssa. An Extraordinary Union (Historcal)
_____. Let Us Dream (Historical)
Cowan, Anna. Untamed (Historical)
Cullinan, Heidi. Carry the Ocean (Contemporary; Queer)
_____. Love Lessons series (Contemporary; Queer)
_____. Santa Baby (Contemporary; Queer)
Crane, Carolyn. Off the Edge (Contemporary; Romantic Suspense)
Dahl, Victoria. Flirting with Disaster (Contemporary)
_____. So Tough to Tame (Contemporary)
_____. Start Me Up (Contemporary)
_____. Taking the Heat (Contemporary)
Danforth, Edie. Uncovering Ray (Contemporary; Queer)
Dee, Bonnie. New Life (Contemporary)
de León, Aya. The Boss (Contemporary)
Dev, Sonal. The Bollywood Bride (Contemporary)
Dixon, Mason. Date with Destiny (Romantic Suspense; Queer)
Dryden, Delphine. The Principle of Desire (Erotic; Contemporary)
Duran, Meredith. At Your Pleasure (Historical)
_____. Fool Me Twice (Historical)
Edwards, Louisa. Too Hot to Touch (Contemporary)
Elliott, Kate. Court of Fives (YA/Fantasy)
Essex, Elizabeth. Almost a Scandal (Historical)
Everett, Alyssa. The Marriage Act (Historical)
Farizan, Sara. If You Could Be Mine (YA)
Fitzpatrick, Huntley. The Boy Most Likely To… (YA)
Flake, Sharon K. Pinned (YA)
Florand, Laura. The Chocolate Kiss (Contemporary)
_____. Snow-Kissed
Forman, Gayle. Just One Day (YA)
Frantz, Sara (ed). Summer Rain anthology (Contemporary)
Foster, Emily. How Not to Fall (New Adult)
Gallagher, Lauren. Razor Wire (Contemporary; Queer)
Garden, Nancy. Annie on my Mind (Contemporary; Queer)
Gibney, Shannon. See No Color (YA)
Glass, Seressia. Sugar (Contemporary)
Goodman, Jo. In Want of a Wife (Historical)
Grant, Cecilia. A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong (Historical)
Grey, Juliana. A Lady Never Lies (Historical)
Hall, Alexis. For Real (Contemporary Queer)
_____. Glitterland
_____. Looking for Group (New Adult)
_____. Pansies
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Kiss of Shadows (Fantasy)
Hart, Megan. Flying (Contemporary)
Hart, Regina. Fast Break (Contemporary)
Henry, Lisa. Adulting 101 (YA; Queer)
Herendeen, Ann. Phyllida andthe Brotherhood of Philander (Historical; Queer)
Hewitt, Kate. Marry Me atWilloughby Close (Contemporary)
Heyer, Georgette. Venetia (Historical)
Higgins, Kristan. If You Only Knew (Contemporary)
Hubbard, Jennifer R. Try Not to Breathe (YA)
Huguley, Piper. Virtuous Ruby (Historical)
Hunter, Faith. Blood of the Earth (Fantasy)
Hunter, Kelly. Pursued by the Rogue (Contemporary)
James, Eloisa. Your Wicked Ways (Historical)
James, Julie. Practice Makes Perfect (Contemporary)
Jenkins, Beverly. Forbidden (Historical)
Johnson, Alaya Dawn. Moonshine (Historical; Fantasy)
_____. The Summer Prince (Fantasy/YA)
Jones, Diana Wynne. Howl’s Moving Castle (YA; Fantasy)
Jones, Heather Rose. Daughter of Mystery (Historical; Queer)
Kallmaker, Karin. Love by the Numbers (Historical; Queer)
Keyes, Julianna. In Her Defense (Contemporary)
Kothari, Falguni. It’s Your Move, Wordfreak! (Contemporary)
Kennealy, Miranda. Catching Jordan (YA)
Kennedy, Elle. The Deal (New Adult)
_____. The Score
Kennedy, Sean. Tigers and Devils (Contemporary; Queer)
Kinsale, Laura. Flowers from the Storm (Historical)
Konigsberg, Bill. Openly Straight (YA)
Knox, Ruthie. About Last Night (Contemporary)
_____. Madly
_____. Truly
Lang, Ruby. Hard Knocks (Contemporary)
Latham, Kat. Tempting the Player (Contemporary)
Lauren, Christina. Beautiful Secret (Contemporary)
Lennox, Cass. Toronto Connections series (Contemporary; Queer)
Lerner, Rose. Sweet Disorder (Historical)
_____. True Pretentions (Historical)
Leveen, Tom. Manicpixiedreamgirl (YA)
Levithan, David. Two Boys Kissing (YA; Queer)
Lin, Amber and Shari Slade. One Kiss with a Rock Star (Contemporary; Queer)
Lockhart, E. Ruby Oliver series (YA)
Lord, Emery. The Start of Me and You (YA)
McGarry, Katie. Crash Into You (New Adult)
_____. Dare You To
McKenna, Cara. After Hours (Contemporary; Erotica)
_____. Give it All
_____. Hard Time
_____. Unbound
McMan, Anne and Salem West. HoosierDaddy (Contemporary; Queer)
McMaster, Bec. Of Silk and Steam (Fantasy)
Maher, Rebecca Rodgers. Fault Lines (Contemporary)
_____. Just Give Me a Reason
_____. Rolling in the Deep
_____. Tanya
Maley, Siera. Dating Sarah Cooper (YA; Queer)
March, Lucy. That Touch of Magic (Fantasy)
Marchetta, Melina. Quintana of Charyn (YA; Fantasy)
Mayberry, Sarah. Her Kind of Trouble (Contemporary)
Merrow, J. L. Shamwell Tales series (Contemporary; Queer)
Milan, Courtney. The Heiress Effect (Historical, with two exceptions)
_____. Hold Me (Contemporary)
_____. Trade Me (Contemporary)
_____. Unclaimed
Morgan, Tamara. Confidence Tricks (Contemporary)
Morsi, Pamela. The Lovesick Cure (Contemporary)
Moskowitz, Hannah. Not Otherwise Specified (YA; Queer)
Murphy, Julie. Dumplin(YA)
Nelson, Jandy. I’ll Give You the Sun (YA)
Neville, Miranda. The Importance of Being Wicked (Historical)
Nix, Susannah. Remedial Rocket Science (Contemporary)
Newman, Stella. Pear-Shaped (Contemporary)
North, Beau. Modern Love (Contemporary)
O’Keefe, M. Everything I Left Unsaid (Contemporary; Erotic)
O’Keefe, Molly. Can’t Buy MeLove (Contemporary, with one exception)
_____. Tempted (Historical)
_____. Wild Child
O’Neal, Barbara. The All You Can Dream Buffet (Contemporary)
O’Reilly, Jane. Indecent trilogy (Contemporary; Erotic)
Pace, Lilah. Asking for It (Contemporary; Erotic)
Parker, Madison. Play Me, I’m Yours (YA; Queer)
Parker, Tamsen. Due South (Contemporary; BDSM)
_____. In Her Court (Contemporary; Queer)
Parrish, Roan. Small Change (Contemporary)
Paton, Ainslie. Sold Short (Contemporary)
Perez, Nina. Sharing Space (Contemporary)
Rai, Alisha. A Gentleman in the Street (Contemporary)
Raybourne, Deanna. A Curious Beginning (Historical; Mystery)
Reid, Penny. Dating-ish (Contemporary)
_____. Elements of Chemistry (New Adult)
Reiss, CD. King of Code (Contemporary)
Rich, Juliann. Caught in the Crossfire (YA; Queer)
Rivers, Francine. Redeeming Love (Historical; Inspirational)
Rivers, Mary Ann. Laugh (Contemporary)
_____. Live
_____. Snowfall
Robb, J. D. Naked in Death (Science Fiction; Romantic Suspense)
Roberts, Teresa Noelle. Drive (Contemporary BDSM)
Rocha, Kit. The Beyond series (Fantasy; Erotic)
Salcedo, Nicki. All Beautiful Things (Contemporary)
Samuels, Barbara. Lucien’s Fall (Historical)
Satie, Erin. The Young Blood (Historical)
Sayers, Dorothy. Gaudy Night (Mystery)
Scheidt, Erica Lorraine. Uses for Boys (YA/New Adult)
Schone, Robin. The Lover (Historical/Erotic)
Scott, Jessica. All for You (Contemporary/Military)
Singer, P. D. A New Man (Contemporary; Queer)
Snyder, Suleikha. Bollywood and the Beast (Contemporary)
Sorensen, Jill. Backwoods (Romantic Suspense)
Stark, Nell. The Princess Affair (Contemporary; Queer)
Stein, Charlotte. Intrusion (Contemporary; Erotic)
Stivali, Karen. Tonight (Contemporary; Queer)
Thomas, Sherry. The Luckiest Lady in London (Historical)
_____. The One in my Heart (Contemporary)
Trout, Jenny. Choosing You (YA/New Adult)
Waller, Sharon Biggs. A Mad, Wicked Folly (Historical; YA)
Willner-Pardo, Gina. Prettiest Doll (YA)
Wilson, Kai Ashante. A Taste of Honey (Fantasy; Queer)
Wind, Ruth. In the Midnight Rain (Contemporary)
Woods, Sara Taylor. Hold Me Down (New Adult; BDSM)

York, Robin. Deeper (New Adult)


  1. Congrats on five years of great work.

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary - your hard work is very important and greatly appreciated! And thank you SO much for the book list, it's all sorts of awesome!

  3. Congrates author. You are great. Best wishes for upcoming years. Thank you.

  4. I inadvertently left off Ruby Lang's wonderful contemporary HARD KNOCKS from the original post. Apologies, Ruby Lang!

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